Artwork by Hubert Szyperski
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People always asking me "How do you do them? Does computer draw it for you? What software do you use? Do you paint them on internet or something?;)"

They are actually done entirely digitally. From photos taken on digital camera to the final printing process, everything has been done using wires, keyboards and digital matrixes. Each piece is a combination of about 50 different photos, drawings, paintings and scans sampled and mixed together for another 50 hours on a computer.

Before I even touch any button though, I spend most of my time on bringing emotions to a visual shape in my mind. Sketching and analyzing subject as well, helps me to find a physical shapes for my idea.

But lets look closer at two of my early pieces from 'how is it made' point of view.

I always wanted to show fight on one of my paintings. Hope and persistent will against holding forces are something that everybody experienced on his way. It has different dimensions and process in each case but its always very dramatic. I had that idea of rising hands for a long time and sketched it out already. I took some photos and start to shape an idea.

First draft of Rise

I want it to be dramatic. Show confrontation between energy that makes it growing and obstacles that are on its way but make it human as well. I found really heavy sky and ground which will bring right ambience and atmosphere to the painting. At this stage I was still developing visual idea, and trying to find more appropriate shapes.

Progress on Rise

I knew that rising hands-tree will show the idea very well. Just needed to find a form which will convey emotions of persistent fight. I took more photos and scan some textures to try different options for my tree.

Progress on Rise

After hours of painting a tree, I was happy about the way it grows. I added a handcuffs which brought balance to the forces and I knew that is the way to go. I put those modern plastic cuffs that has been used all over modern world. That gave it also a bit of a political meaning, which made whole thing more multidimensional and universal.

Progress of Rise by Hubert Szyperski

I added more details and I knew that at this stage my painting is almost ready. The tree is growing up and trying to reach the sun, while cuffs and stone texture is trying to hold it down. Used symbols make it relevant to the human being but its still mostly about emotions. Perfect.

Final Version of Rise by Hubert Szyperski

This one came almost instantly from a little hallucination ;). I wanted to paint a girl for long time, and was just waiting for an opportunity. And then it comes. Just on my everyday way to pick up a lunch. Shape of a girl coming from an old gate just straight away when I looked at it. Different light, direction or maybe different condition of my mind, made it coming up in a few seconds. I knew it was it. I looked at it a bit more and have seen her face and hair instantly. Again, I took some photos and start to shape an idea.

First shots at Evening at the Coast

After some shots more and many hours spend at a computer sketching and analyzing, I went out to take more photos, that will help to bring my vision up.

Progress at Evening at the Coast

I scan things as well for a nice textures. Doing whole bit digitally I can put a background later, which I always find very cool. It is definitely getting a shape at this stage.

Progress at Evening at the Coast

For few days more I keep painting on it, sampling more photos, until I'm pleased with the result.

Progress at Evening at the Coast

I just added a warm golden heat in which my girl can warm up when she's cold and its ready. Its ready to leave computer.

Final of Evening at the Coast by Hubert Szyperski

All work ©2007 Hubert Szyperski